Body Treatments


All of our massages are adapted to the client so whether it is a firm pressure to release tense muscles or a soothing and relaxing massage you require your therapist will select the correct oil and pressure to go with your needs.

Full Body Massage

1 hr £46

Back Neck & Shoulder

30 min £35

G4 Massage 4 Cellulite

20 min £19

Course of 10


Other Body Treatments

Reviber Plus

10 min £6

Course of 18


3 sessions are recommended per week
The Reviber vibration exercise machine is a form of revolutionary body toning equipment developed to stimulate muscles into rapid development with minimal effort. A leaner and more toned figure is achievable through regular 10 min exercise programmes. Improved circulation, upper & lower body toning, reduced body fat, minimise chronic back pain are just a few of its benefits. A fully instructed therapist will be with you at all times ensuring you are doing the postures correctly. Excellent results are achieved when combined with a healthy diet and regular sessions.

Guinot Full Body Exfoliation

30 min £35

Hydra Cellular Energy by Guinot - Back Treatment

1 hr £78

A facial for the back, including a back neck and shoulder massage fantastic for congested backs.

Complementary Therapies

Hopi Ear Candles

40 min £30

Indian Head Massage

40 min £35


Time and care are taken over every spray tan at Oceania. Your skin will be assessed by one of our experienced therapist’s, choosing the very best tan and shade for your skin.
Spray tan parties now available book 6 tans and the party girl goes free….

Sienna X spray tan


8-10 hours developing time.

Mii 3 hour spray tan


3 hours, wash colour guide off then tan will continue to develop over the next 6 hours.

Mii 6-8 hour spray tan


6-8 hours developing time comes in 4 shades

Procedure for tanning

Preparation at home: Before you come to the salon ensure you exfoliate to get rid of dead skin cells, then shower to remove all excess deodorants and moisturisers. DO NOT APPLY ANY DEODORANTS OR MOISTURISERS AFTER SHOWERING. Wear loose dark clothing and underwear, and be prepared to go home with out a bra to ensure it does not rub your tan off before it has developed.

Preparation in salon: Your therapist will assess your skin type and recommend the correct tan and shade for your skin. All dry areas will be protected with a barrier cream to make sure you have no tan clinging to unwanted areas such as the feet and hands. Sticky feet are applied to ensure the soles of the feet are kept tan free, and disposable knickers are available if required.

After care: After your tan you will need to leave it between 3-10 hours (depending on the brand you have) to develop before showering, or having any contact with water (eg no washing hands when you go the the bathroom, use sanatiser gel). Pat do not rub dry after showering, do not use any exfoliators or buffing mitts as this could make your tan patchy, and moisturise every day to prolong your tan. After 5 days you can blend your tan by exfoliating if you find it is starting to wear. professional products are available in salon to work with your tan, please ask a therapist for details.

Types of tans: We have 3 brands of professional spray tan at the salon each has its own benefits your therapist will recommend the best for your skin tone, event or time scales.

Question & Answers

How long will my tan last?

Between 5 & 7 Days. More time is possible depending on how you look after your tan.

Is it damaging?

No It will not clog the pores of your skin. The ingredients are there to hydrate and look after your skin.

How near to my event should I have my tan?

As close as you can, the day before is best, giving you the best tan possible, some clients have don 48 hours before and just have a slightly more subtle version. Again the shade and brand you have can depend on how long it lasts.

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You will be seen individually by one of our fully qualified therapists, who will take time and care to really appreciate your particular needs. After all your treatment is all about YOU! So why not Revitalize, Retune, and Revive your senses at Oceania We look forward to meeting you soon.